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  • Our engineers have the skills to take your company right from infrastructure design and layout stage, all the way to client licensing and customization to your personal needs.

  • We provide a quality digital phone systems that can save you money as well as boosting your business potential.

  • Our desire is to take the hassle and expense out of your IT infrastructure so that you can get on with running your business.

  • We sell the Latest MPLS-based VPN products to link sites with the highest level of security.

About Us

AJ Business Solutions is a well established company providing a wide-ranging (and growing) portfolio of services.

Clients approach us with many objectives: to evaluate and improve their existing infrastructure, optimise information flow and reduce the hassle of daily activity, outsource their IT support and take advantage of the Internet-based technologies which are transforming the way we all do business.

From our origin as an IT consultancy we developed into providing the full set of IT-related services that the modern business requires. For those lucky enough to be moving into a new office, we can ensure that your telephony and Internet requirements are met, network and voice points are in place, and security (video recording and network) in situ, before your move.

For larger companies, we can supply VoIP solutions to allow calls between branch offices to be made over the Internet, and secure VPNs for the safe transfer of data. We can integrate your homeworkers into your business and provide high-capacity Internet connections.

Our service to you is what makes us stand out in a crowded market whatever your requirement, AJBS has the resource to meet your need.