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  • Our engineers have the skills to take your company right from infrastructure design and layout stage, all the way to client licensing and customization to your personal needs.

  • We provide a quality digital phone systems that can save you money as well as boosting your business potential.

  • Our desire is to take the hassle and expense out of your IT infrastructure so that you can get on with running your business.

  • We sell the Latest MPLS-based VPN products to link sites with the highest level of security.


Potentially the biggest invention ever to effect how we do business is the humble telephone. Virtually everyone has one, from desk phones to mobiles, even as you read this you are probably only inches away from a phone.

“Its good to talk” or so they say, but what happens when you are unable to talk? Lost messages or missed phone calls account for millions of pounds in lost business per year. A quality digital phone system can save you money as well as boosting your business potential.

Digital call systems can maximise the way you route calls within your company reducing waiting times and improving your client relationships.

VOIP is now used by many companies to route calls inexpensively through their Internet connection. Calls between VOIP phones can have drasticly reduced charges, allowing cost effective communication between geographically seperated offices, even internationally!

Many companies still use outdated call waiting music. Newer systems allow tailored messages to be played, either advising clients of new products or services that are available, or at least advising the client on hold of the wait time and other contact options.

We offer :

  • “Cradle to Grave” services
  • High end, reliable equipment
  • Full testing on and off site
  • Tailored non-standard installations
  • Mobile Phone contracts
  • Fixed line solutions
  • Telephone and Video Systems
  • Low cost call packages
  • Non-Geographic numbers
  • Call recording solutions